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Technology Service of Aquaculture


Fish examined:

Atlantic salmon: 2577400

Coho Salmon: 1450300

Rainbow Trout: 1057000



Cell.:68477107 Phone: 56-65-591578 / Email: contacto@nexuslab.cl / Box 1118 / Santa Rosa Nº 602, Puerto Varas–Chile


            Econexus Ltd, is a company composed of veterinarians, aquaculture Engineers, Computer and Management Resources, led by its Director. Mr. Jaime Concha Venegas, veterinarian at the University of Chile.

Our company has been dedicated to improving the ultrasound technique applied in Aquaculture, in determining of sex in the three main species of salmonid farming our country: SalmónCoho (Oncorhynchus kisutch), Salar Salmon (Salmo salar) and Rainbow Trout (mykis Oncorhynchus).

Currently it has made ​​significant progress in ultrasound technology with the addition of new diagnostic tools of last generation, histological and hormonal analysis, through which you can now not only know the sex of the fish for play at 150 or 200 grams, but also know the estimated spawning date a year in advance, predicting six months before the quality of the resulting eggs and degree of dispersion or atresia of oocytes among others.

            All these developments are the result of our research and allowed our customers a strong position in the domestic market and constantly improve the quality of gametes thus generate better quality offspring and in the final product.