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Technology Service of Aquaculture


Fish examined:

Atlantic salmon: 2577400

Coho Salmon: 1450300

Rainbow Trout: 1057000



Ultrasonography Service: Destined to sexing, maturity, status and timing of ovulation from 150 g of all salmon species, allowing work with a reduced biomass, synchronized and optimized.

° Histological analysis: To evaluate the development of ovaries and testes.

° Hormonal analyzes: â-estradiol and testosterone.

° Triploidy Analysis: Quantifying cellular DNA content using flow cytometry.

° Analysis of the expression of markers of gonadal maturity: Measuring Protein expression and Vitellogenin Radiata Zone using real-time PCR.


Cell.:68477107 Phone: 56-65-591578 / Email: contacto@nexuslab.cl / Box 1118 / Santa Rosa Nº 602, Puerto Varas–Chile